SIWO Global News 3rd July 2018 #78


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12 Boys Football players and Coach found safely on a mud mound in caves

There was great rejoicing at the news that the missing group of a football team and their Coach has been found. Parents, officials and volunteers were estatic.

Now the divers have to figure out a way to get the boys out safely.have

England 4  Colombia 3 in penalty shootout

A match fraught with many incidents and handing out of Yellow cards.  120 minutes of football was played and with the score at 1-1 it was down to penalty shootout.

The tension among the English fans was palpable.  Colombians were singing and joyous.  Harry’s heroes did break the old hold of not advancing past the quarter finals.

Inspirational Story


Wherever you go 

go with all your heart. 




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A retired midwife who enjoyed a satisfying career after years of rejecting it as a career choice. After becoming a Mum for the second time, somehow I just could not resist the call to midwifery any longer. Being part a family's important event gave more insight into how women, me included, both manage and sometimes muddle through pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Wisdom shared and gleaned from stories as well as healthy lifestyle tips and healthy recipes will hopefully answer your need. Someone once said to me that we have one body, one life, one voice so why not make it count. So here's to looking after all three and making a difference. Enjoy and I welcome any comments.

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