God’s ways are amazing

God’s ways are amazing. You may not know this unless you take time to study the way God operates.

I know some amazing stories of God’s amazing ways in people’s lives.

The inspirational story in SIWO Global news about the couple that was forcefully separated and reunited after so many years is a very striking example.

God has worked marvels in many people’s lives. He has cured people miraculously; saved people from danger in miraculous ways; put people who match together and a lot more.

What I have discovered about us and the way God operates is we miss many of God’s miracles in our lives.

God works many miracles in our lives. But if we do not have eyes to see, we will not see them and will think He is not doing anything for us. We take a lot of things that we have or that happen to us for granted whereas they are God’s doing. Have you ever taken time to reflect on God’s miracles in your life?

The fact that you are in this world is a miracle.

How a human being is formed in the womb is a miracle.

How we grow from birth until death is a miracle.

How blood circulates in us is a miracle.

How food digests in our bodies us a miracle.

How the air we breathe keeps us alive is a miracle.

The list is endless.

But you will meet people who are not aware that God is a God of miracles.

God is a God of miracles. Apart from the miracles he has created, he is ready to work more miracles in your life; in my life; in other lives.

God will work more miracles in your life. But you need to make him do it for you.

You need to have faith in him and in his power to work miracles.

You need to ask for miracles. Pray a lot and believe he will do it for you.

Get into harmony with Him. Have a good relationship with him through faith, prayers and obedience.

Obedience is paramount. Obey God and he will do anything for you. You obey him by keeping his word, having faith, praying, and avoiding sin .

Let us thank God for his amazing ways and acknowledge that He is a God of miracles. He has worked and will continue to work miracles in our lives. Let us collaborate with him to work miracles in our lives.


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  1. I relocated five years from the north to the south in the Bible Belt and realized that all of the supernatural miracles I witnessed was for the purpose of sharing them with believers who might not know Gods power manifested. Bringing a supernatural understanding is easy with Holy Spirit but pray for those who I meet daily who believe miracles are a thing of the past and the North, for many more exploits are about to be unveiled.

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