SIWO Global News 4th July 2018 #79

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Major Incident of Unknown Agent in Amesbury

A man and a woman have been in Salisbury Hospital since Saturday.  They were found in their homes and thought to have been affected by contaminated drugs they must have taken.  Police, medical and other personnel went on in protective hear.  Neighbours were told not to be alarmed  and to stay indoors.  Tests are being done on an unknown agent at the nearby government high security facility.

Safety of children in Bute after six-year old is murdered

In the Scottish holiday Isle of Bute, a missing six-year old has been found dead.  Police have advised that parents and guardians are to keep an eye on their children and to keep their windows and doors closed.  The Police statement this evening said they arrested a man but want more information from anyone around the Ardbeg Road area where Alesha was found.

A female nurse named as suspect in murder of babies in Countess of Chester Hospital

Lucy Letby, 28 year old nurse at the Neonatal Unit was arrested  yesterday on charges of murdering eight babies.  Other babies suffered non-fatal episodes.   A house in Chester less than a mile from the hospital was being searched.

Inspirational Story

Unexpected but happy to be tested, in, “his calling and desire to help people.”

Dr Dean La Barba graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine and within a month he was faced with helping in an emergency on a flight.  He was travelling his wife on a flight from Zurich to Los Angeles when a passenger nearby fell ill.  He went over to help and found she had collapsed and could not feel her pulse.  He massaged the sternum to improve the blood supply.  It didn’t make any difference so a fellow passenger helped to put her on a row of seats.  Here La Barba was able to do chest compression and she started  to recover.

La Barba, his wife and the woman passenger were moved to 1st class where he monitored her condition.   She remained well till they reached L.A.  His wife said how proud she was of him.  This experience confirmed his decision to follow “his calling and desire to help people”


Content from BBC news.


Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful



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