My $30 Boots

My $30 Boots cover

I walked in from another day at work, and I propped my feet up on the table. I laid my head back and thanked Jesus for another safe trip this morning. Staring at my boots, and examining my highs and lows in life, I think of those famous names we all know – have they stayed true to themselves under the bright lights? Do they have anything significant left to reflect on their humble beginnings? How many give God credit for their life of luxury? Let me start by saying, I have many of the rich and famous who follow my blog. Therefore, it is clear they try to maintain their unassuming relationship with God – bless their hearts! But for every person who praises and gives thanks on a daily basis, there is plenty left in the muck of money.

I’m convinced God left their ever-conscience mind, as stigma rules their way of life. It appears shadows shade where their life began for they flaunt their physical possessions and immoral behaviors as if God is not in the equation. If materialism makes one so happy, then why the incessant urge to impress others and keep buying? Regardless of how many pretty things we own, they still cannot change how we feel about ourselves. It eventually leaves behind anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and more. And did you know this behavior is misusing God’s money?

My $30 Boots pic 1

For those who are lucky to achieve wealth, God blessed them. But He intended us to spread that wealth – not self-indulge. This means tithing, donating, and supporting organizations with a good cause. One cannot glorify God and abuse His gifts! We must take real risks and make sacrifices. I listen to the complaining words of many Christians about poverty and the homeless in the world, but how many times are donations offered to the cause? How many times has a family been helped to get off the street? Rarely, I assure you. The more we give and share, the more God blesses and returns to us. Wealth can disappear on the drop of a dime.

My $30 Boots verse

I thank God every single day for the riches in my life – my family, love of God, and humble beginnings. I wear $30 boots to work every day lest I forget the fundamental principle of life – God must come first; I owe Him everything! Looking at my poor old boot laces, I remember where my journey started – these old boots have supported me on my walk as I live, love and grow with God.

Proud to serve an army of one, I trench my way on grounds unknown for only my Father settles the battle cries of immoral behavior. No wars compare to the one before me.




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