SIWO Global News 6th July 2018 #81

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The Cabinet is at Chequers the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Theresa May and the Cabinet are meeting at Chequers, to trash out decisions about the single market.  Brexiteers and Anti- Brexiteers in the Cabinet and in Parliament are all putting on the pressure, for an agreement to be reached.  In the meantime, Michel Barnier the EU Chief Negotiator said, “The single market is our main economic public  goal.  We will not damage it.  We will not unravel what we have achieved.”

The 12 Boys and their Football Coach loose a diver.

A diver has died on his way back from delivering food and essential supplies to the boys and their Coach.  His oxygen supply was low and he lost consciousness.  The medics were unable to revive him.   The group in the cave are now in a perilous position as the rain is filling up the caves with more water.  Decisions have to be made as to how best to get them out.

Beautiful County Clare and Trump’s wall

The coastal resort with a Golf Course in County Clare is the property of the billionaire President.  The beautiful coastline is being eroded by the strong waves of the Atlantic ocean.  The locals are behind the president, who wants to build a wall to protect it.  Thousands of tourists come to Doonbeg thereby helping the local economy.

However, there are objections to Mr Trump’s planning application.  The environmentalists and The Irish Nationaĺ Tourist Board are in opposition. They insist the sand dunes will protect and control the erosion.


Inspirational Story


The Royal Air Force is celebrating its 100 years.

‘Per Ardua ad Astra’ meaning

‘Through Adversity to the Stars’


Content from BBC news.


Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful





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