Straight or crooked lines?

Sometimes in life,
One thing goes wrong,
To fix another one;
A thing may go right,
But spoil another one;
Someone’s misfortune may be
Another one’s fortune;
The cause of tears for some,
May be the cause of laughter
For others;
So while you are enjoying,
Know some maybe mourning;
That is the complexity of
What we call our world;
Some lines are straight,
Some lines are zigzag
You may call them crooked.
But all are lines;
And you’re confused
Which of them to take;
The straight or crooked;
But straight, I must say;
For, though tempting may be
The crooked,
It’s the one that leads
Straight to destruction;
Go straight;
Go the straight way;
That is the one that leads
To lasting success.


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