Do you want to belong?

Do you want to belong?,
If you want to belong to SIWO,
You are welcome;
SIWO is a world community
Of inspirers;
We have been coming together
One by one over the years;
And continue to do so;
We are journeying together;
Inspiring together;
Encouraging and supporting
One another;
We support everyone
In the world we can reach;
We are a whole world;
An edifice under construction;
We know there’s power
In working together;
Combining forces
Working as a team,
We will do many things
No one can imagine now;
We are a forum for growth;
We help one another grow;
We help others grow;
Our dream is to see Everyone’s fondest dream come true.
We go beyond boundaries;
We break boundaries;
Bound by love;
And the understanding that
A human being is a human being;
And that the world is meant
To be enjoyed by all.
If this interests you,
And you are not yet in,
Come join us;
And publish here
Whenever you like;
And inspire.
Inspire,inspire, inspire!


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