SIWO Global News 7th July 2018 #82

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Quater-final win for England over Sweden

The city of Samara was the setting for the Sweden versus England match, which ended in a 2-0.  In both countries everyone was on the edge of their seats, as the imatch continued with excellent moves, skills and sportsmanship by all the players.  England scored the first goal and the English fans in the stadium erupted in joyous unison.  So did the 20 million watching on their televisions in England.  With the second goal and a great defence and an excellent goalkeeper refusing to allow the ball in the goal, Sweden had no chance of getting a point. Wild celebrations began as the belief in the team and song of ‘it’s coming home, football is coming home’ ranged out across the nation.

Russia versus Croatia

This was another brilliant game involving the host nation Russia, they had played marvelously to get to the quarterfinals.  This is their first getting to this stage since the 1970s.   The score  was 2- 2 when the whistle blew to end the match.  The penalties ended 4-3 in Croatia’s favour.  Although the Russian fans were disappointed, they still clapped and applauded their team for their determination.

More British Divers go to help in Thailand

British Divers have gone to join those involved in the planned rescue of the stranded cave boys.  The battle against the flooded caves persist.  A school friend of two of the boys has composed a song and plays the guitar to encourage his friends and the rest of the team to be strong.

Inspirational Story

Little miracles can disappear in a big  miracle

A student had to hand in her University paper on the submission day.  She knew it was not up to the level required especially for the standard this particular Supervisor expected.  Many students had their work returned, because of their mistakes, for correcting and re- submission.  Her friends even advised she shouldn’t give her paper in but rather do more work on it.

With no time to go over it and no money to reprint, she said a prayer, “God help me” and handed it to the Supervisor.  As she stood and watched with faith, she was congratulated for an excellent work.  Believe in God, and yourself, for his mercy ensures forever.


Content from BBC news. Sunny Skyz


Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful


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