SIWO Global News 8th July 2018 #83

Knowledge is Wealth

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4 Boys Out-  Cave Rescue Mission in Thailand

News has come in of four of the thirteen being rescued and have been air lifted by helicopter to a hospital for assessment by doctors. The building of rapport with the boys before getting them out is important.  This would help them be at ease for the difficult journey through the dark caves and water.

There are 50 foreign divers and 40 Thai divers and they need 10 hours to prepare for the next mission.

PM gets Brexit deal

The meeting at Chequers produced an agreement by Cabinet to allow Theresa May’s plan.  It is still to be sold to Be scrutinised by MPs and the public.

Inspirational Story

A cat melts his heart and changes his mind

A cat named Nirvana changed his mind.  After taking care of it while a home was found, the man who said he was not a cat person yet slowly melted to love it.  The cat never let anyone else hold it.  He told the Rescue Centre he wouldn’t keep it but knew in his hearts of hearts he really wanted the cat.  One day his girlfriend came home to say, “Someone had adopted the cat, we have.”  It was a right decision.


Content from BBC news. Sunny Skyz


Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful


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