Powerful weapon called prayer

God is at the center
Of my life;
I talk with Him
Many times daily
Through prayer;
I pray to him
Throughout the day;
First, in the morning
As I get out of bed,
During the day,
And at night.
Prayer is my first meeting
With God before I start my day.
Through prayer, I meet Him
Before I meet anyone else;
When I pray,
He gives me blessings;
And gives me strength.
And after I have
Communicated with Him,
I go on to communicate
With others;
When I talk to Him,
I nourish my Spirit;
Prayer is, indeed, a powerful weapon,
When you pray,
You put God in first position
in your life.
You must, therefore, not fail to pray;
You must not stop praying;
You must pray without ceasing.


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