Love and hope

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My mother told me I stare to much,

Making people insecure and such,

I don’t want to be a problem,

People in my life always lose trust,

I always felt I had talent for little lust,

I rarely walk in shame,

I don’t see the fuzz,

My parents always told me,

You don’t have to feel blame for us two divorcing us,

I can’t help but feel phony,

For being lame,

My co-workers told me I’m insane,

I don’t want to say names,

but I still can’t bare the shame,

Always think about what is to be gained,

By following a path that is strange,

I love my friends but sometimes it’s hard,

Seeing through lies with my distorted eyes,

I am finishing my quest and what a prize,

Glory among my peers,

no need to be televised,

How many more tries before you cry,

I don’t want to say goodbye,

Even when I die,

Fly high into the sky,

Wishing I could do more if I had a second try,



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Hey, my name is Alexander Myrvold. My goal for my blogs is to create fun and uplifting poems that get to your feelings. Also relaxing and motivating stories that hope to inspire.
So be sure to follow me by mail and recieve notice of whenever I post something new! If you have a blog yourself let's follow each-other!

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