Love and hope

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My mother told me I stare to much,

Making people insecure and such,

I don’t want to be a problem,

People in my life always lose trust,

I always felt I had talent for little lust,

I rarely walk in shame,

I don’t see the fuzz,

My parents always told me,

You don’t have to feel blame for us two divorcing us,

I can’t help but feel phony,

For being lame,

My co-workers told me I’m insane,

I don’t want to say names,

but I still can’t bare the shame,

Always think about what is to be gained,

By following a path that is strange,

I love my friends but sometimes it’s hard,

Seeing through lies with my distorted eyes,

I am finishing my quest and what a prize,

Glory among my peers,

no need to be televised,

How many more tries before you cry,

I don’t want to say goodbye,

Even when I die,

Fly high into the sky,

Wishing I could do more if I had a second try,


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