The World Is A Stage


The World is a Stage cover

We prayed for grace as all eyes focused on Thailand. Acting on faith alone, the Thai Navy Seal divers couldn’t verbally communicate with other aids; but they still came to the rescue, joining hands to save twelve of God’s precious children. I bet their coach couldn’t imagine where Satan lived, for undoubtedly this was Satan’s time of evil and sadness. Every eye wept tears of praise for the brave few who conquered the depths of this forbidden cave. The remoteness of our televisions didn’t show the justice of endurance the lifeguards displayed to rescue the young soccer team. The world is a stage while God protected the perseverance of not just the divers, but the world who never gave up hope.

Let us celebrate to the music of Cherise Perkins: “My God”

Anticipation thrived to see another smile removed from the narrow passages. There is a bright future for the terrified youngsters saved by the grace of God. If you question God’s involvement, then look at the hearts of those who volunteered their life for the survival mission. I sit in awe-inspiring wonder and prayer as the entire world was God’s stage to unify as one. It was acting on faith, regardless of the religious sector. The immense power of millions of believers lending a hand and bowing their heads in prayer graciously led these children to safety.

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Though we will never meet the entourage of survivors and rescuers, our message remains strong – let no one divide the power of God! We, the people of every continent, joined hands in reverence. Our Almighty God saved the innocent who never prepared for this harrowing adventure. God bless them all, including the survivors and the missionaries that took it upon themselves to act quickly. There was no government red tape, only the bravery of the well-trained heroes.

Resilience is a mighty strength if we never stop trusting in God, even when things go terribly wrong. What a lesson to learn – never give up hope! Let God’s light always shine in the caverns of your soul!

The World is a Stage verse

In memory of ex-Thai Navy Seal, Major Saman Gunan, who died a hero saving others….

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