Annoying things 1: Reckless driving

As I move about in town, one thing that gets on my nerves is when I see people driving carelessly without respecting the high way code.

It’s very annoying to find road users who care little about the rights of other road users.

They disregard other people’s right of way and cut in ahead of others arrogantly and irresponsibly.

The worst people on our roads are bike riders. They seem not to care about any driving rules.

It appears bike riders fight to break all driving rules.

Their only concern is to get to where they want to go within the shortest possible time.

To me, bike riders are the greatest nuisance on our roads. Vehicle owners often become mad at them but that means nothing to these stubborn riders as they are unwilling to change their reckless driving.

There is a high rate of accidents on roads in my city that is blamed on reckless driving.

I hope more pressure will be put on them by City and Transport Department authorities to change.

How is driving in your city? Are you happy the way people drive? Are bike riders a nuisance in your city as in mine?

Hope to hear from you. Have a great morning.


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