Solar Warden



Just the other day President Donald Trump made an announcement of creating an additional branch of the military; a space corps. This announcement garnered a variety of responses. Most of the responses mocked the President; however there were a few that came from Veterans that pointed out that the United States military already have an active space corps. The U.S Army has a space command that administers units such as U.S Army Space and missile Command; the U.S Navy also have a space command as well as the U.S Air Force. This isn’t news to the personal who have some type of involvement with the space command of the respective branches. However what is news not only to government officials, and the general public is that the U.S has an active secret space program (SSP); that program is called Solar Warden.

When you hear the word Solar Warden, most of…

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A government bureaucrat for the City of New York; Retired National Guards man and Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom II; Trained in Mental Health Counseling and Psychology; word smith and master of all trades and student at the Renzo Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy...

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