The burden of secrets

This post is in response to the “Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 13

This week’s theme is – Weight’

The rules are:–

  1. Only one submission per user is allowed.
  2. You must link the original in order to be considered for the competition, i.e. pingback your post to the post.
  3. Word limit is strictly 100 words.

Her shoulders could no longer bear the weight of the secret that she had been holding for so long. Nightmares flooded her happy and melancholic memories. Regret filled her eyes as her life passed through her head. She dissected the guilt, the anger and the viciousness that she felt, and she realized that the double life that she had been living caught up with her. She could no longer contain the feelings of disgust, confusion and frustration when she thought of the love that she held for her colleague, a woman, despite being a straight married woman for 10 years.

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