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Boat Tourists hit by Hot Lava and Rocks

Boat passengers on tour in the Hawaiian sea waters got showered by hot steam, lava and rocks.  A brisk trade has been going since the eruption of the volcano and tourists in other unaffected boats heard screaming coming from the boat in front.  The 23 injured passengers got such a fright, one of the more serious injuries was a broken leg.

A Royal Visit to Exhibition on Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition at the South Bank Centre

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met Nelson Mandela’s daughter when she showed them around the Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition.  It is about the statesman’s ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ from prisoner and negotiator.  Included in this free exhibition are artefacts like the famous Robben Island Bible, and the complete works of Shakespeare, which he read in the 27 years of imprisonment.  A Thank You Letter to the British public, he wrote it on the day of the 1990 Wembley concert held in his honour, is on display for the first time.  The free event is part of the season of ‘Africa Utopia’ and it goes on till 19th August.

Trump explains to America and the world the word he meant to say, ‘would or wouldn’t’

President Trump found it necessary to and tried to explain that his use or not of the appropriate word. Would and wouldn’t have become heavyweights words for the President.  His whirlwind tour of Europe have stirred many emotions and thoughts, but it is his meeting with the Putin Russian leader that has many perplexed.  His own Republican Party Senators in Washington and supporters in the American industrial areas and farmlands are truly astonished.

Inspirational Story


Psalm 94:18

“When anxiety was great within me,

your consolation brought me joy.”


Content- BBC News. ITV News. Southbank Centre

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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