The letter D

What comes to mind
When you think of
The letter D:
I Dare you; I Damn you; or
You are a Darling
A Dear one
In the silence of my heart
I contemplated her
I wonder why
I felt the urge to reach out
That fear of rejection
Simply went backstage
A silent prayer
I said a fold over
May she have a flower in her hair
May her voice be melodious
May her gaze be peaceful
May her touch be soft
And that’s what I think of
When I write the letter D
That cheer which keeps you on
That poem which makes you dream
The gist which keeps you merry
Even her swag makes you hopeful
And the mild fierceness so sweet
And when her self I did behold
I knew through and through
That I hadn’t been dreaming
Not in vain were my musings
D stands for Darling
It stands for Dona
In the alphabet of my soul
Where am free to define my letters

By Marie Abanga.

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