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Are Omega 3 Supplements good for you?

A large scale study suggests that 1:1000 people benefit from taking Omega 3 Supplements.  A Cochrane Research with 100,000 participants lasting over a number of years came to this conclusion.  Omega 3 has been the easy way to protect against heart disease, heart attack and strokes.  Oily fish especially salmon and mackerel are the best sources of Omega 3 and the NHS recommends eating this type of fish twice a week.  The authors of this study said in order for people to protect themselves from cardio-vascular disease is necessary have a healthy diet and regular excercise,

Google fined £3.8 million by EU for prioritising its Apps in the Android market

The European Union fined Google £3.8 million for violating EU Antitrust rules.  Google’s Apps and search engines are already on the mobile phones and this doesn’t give other companies chance to compete and users chance to have other options.  This gives Google power and money and can target advertising.  Google are defending their practise saying they offer “robust competition”

The 12 young footballers and Coach get to go home

At a news conference, sounding confident, the boys answered pre-vetted questions about how they coped in the caves and what they did? The 11-year old said he stopped thinking about food so he wouldn’t get hungry.  They dug for water and collected water on the side of the walls to drink.  Meditation taught to them by their coach was one way to keep  focused.  They will be taking part in a blessing ceremony at the Temple, as thanks for saving their lives and to honour the diver who died trying to save them.

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