SIWO Global News 19th July 2018 #94

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New Brexit Minister Dominic Raab meets EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier

A smiling Dominic Raab met a serious looking Michel Barnier to discuss UK’s revamped Brexit Deal. The EU appeared not convinced about the new proposals and thoughts are circulating, that other preparations are necessary should UK crash out of the EU without a Brexit Deal.  Some problems are expected to get worse and these are disruptions at airports, queues of lorries at ports and border problems between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

UK Crime figures rise

Detection rate of crime has dropped from 15% to 9%.  Fewer than half of robberies and muggings are solved.  Knife crimes are higher and the family of a recent victim who are distributing leaflets advising how to report any sight of knives.  The family thinks the Police needs help and more manpower is required.  The National Crime Survey shows a long term reduction in crime.

Books and reading is popular again

A record £5.7 billion  was amassed last year by the publishing industry as numerous books were bought by readers.  There is a special feeling of satisfaction in flicking through and reading a book compared to looking at a digital screen.

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