Why your love stopped loving you

Do you know why your love
Stopped loving you?
You might have stopped being lovable;
You might have started taking your love for granted;
Or your relationship was not a priority;
You might have failed to fuel your love;
Love is a fire that burns with oxygen;
Starve it and it dies of hunger;
Nourish it and it blooms.
If your love stops loving you,
Take a close look;
The fault may be yours;
And if it is,
Do something about it.


4 thoughts on “Why your love stopped loving you

  1. Sometimes your love is a narcissist who thrives on domineering, demeaning, lying, cheating, and stealing all the oxygen from your existence. In that case, nothing you could do would change that.


  2. Very true. When you look in the mirror if love is what you see, love is what you will share. You should never see someone else’s image, but that is usually the case. My wife seems to still love me but I am not sure she remembers me. Her short term memory is going after 47 years. I’m not sure how far short term will go back!


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