Blogger of the week – Didis Art Design

Courtesy: Taken from Didis art Design

Vibrant and colorful is the site,

words of motivation where you find.

Creativity, simplicity, buoyancy of mind

Art, images, words as poetry brings this site to life.


Love everyone, love yourself,

you will find god, if you believe in yourself.

Humanity, love, soul search is all it talks about,

Didi’s art and design is truly a blog to ponder a while.


I came across DIDI when I was away from my kids and going through a low phase. Didi’s blogs and words as comments has pushed me during those time.. truly an inspiration and ocean of creativity.  Firm believer in Love and Humanity I am sure you all will enjoy the blog with same care and love. Enjoy reading.. Thank you DIDI.. 


6 thoughts on “Blogger of the week – Didis Art Design

  1. My dear friend and blogging family

    Thank you so much for this great honour given to me. We are like a street in both directions: Writing and reading, giving and taking, sharing and adopting – an exchanging traffic. In this way all of us contribute to such a beautiful exchange in thoughts, words, photos and videos, so my gratefulness is addressed to the whole community. Noone is better, noone worse – we all are just human beings, communicating hearts…

    Sunshine to all of you, thank you!
    Yours Didi


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