Both sides of anger

Hi friends! Would someone like to join me to talk about ANGER? I have heard many times that anger is bad; anger can give high blood; anger can kill. I have been told many times to shun anger. I have advised others myself.

But recently, I learned something different about anger.

Yes, I learned that anger has a big positive side. In this world of ours, you need to thunder from time to time to get people off your way. At home, anger can produce ripe fruits at times. Unless you thunder from time to time, you may be taken for granted.

And then we are cautioned: don’t let your anger go overboard. Make good use of the emotion of anger. While hitting the table when need arises watch to see your anger doesn’t blur your vision and lead you to crash your own plane.

What is anger doing to us? For us? Against us? Are we on course? Do we need to moderate or thunder more?


4 thoughts on “Both sides of anger

  1. I would say that we need to learn to talk and communicate our emotions. All of them, not just anger. I would say that we need a physical outlet for our anger that is not destruction, like we tend to run to doing. We shouldn’t be hitting a table. We should be jumping rope maybe, shadow boxing, training for the Olympics, lifting weights, jogging in the park, learning how to fight with personal trainer, dancing, singing, rapping.
    I think this world has had enough killers, rapest, bomber and ratchet and stupid punks who don’t think about accountability, responsibility (hand in hand), RESPECT for other people and their property. It’s a mess. I think we need to learn to address anger as a powerful tool that can be used effectively, productively. I think we should allow love to be stronger.

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  2. rajarhymes

    Anger as a motivation can be quite useful. The fire in that emotion can be fuel to stand up for important things in your life or the world. However the control over emotions is key. If we are not adept at dealing with emotions we can feel the fire of anger and lash out. That type of situation can hurt more than help. But with control it doesn’t go awry. Instead that which we call anger is just an energy source to break through walls and move stuck energies in life.

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