I am all ears

My dear
Former sweetheart,
If I tell you
I am disappointed
With you,
That will be for lack of
A better word;
I am heart broken;
Little did I know
When we became sweethearts,
That you would
One day
abandon me
As you have done,
In the middle of the sea
To drown;
Here I am
Lost and drowning;
With no one
To rescue me;
All because
I made the mistake
To love you.
I don’t know
If you are aware
Of the degree of damage
You have caused me;
How do you intend
To repair this disaster?
There’s only one thing
You can do;
Which is to come back
To me;
My heart still burns
For you;
I still yearn for you;
I still love you;
If you come back to me,
That will quench this fire
Of love and frustration
Burning in my heart.
Will you come back to me?
Tell me you will.
I am all ears.


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