SIWO Global News 21st July 2018 #96

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Smart meters are not so smart

Customers and Government Ministers both agree that the Smart meters rolled out at the cost of £11 billion are not so smart after all, in bringing in the savings promised.  They are already obsolete tech items and there is insufficient mobile coverage for them to work efficiently.  Customers are having to do almost all that was promised the Smart meter would do, like reading the meter automatically.

New Badges for Girls Guides brings up-to-date changes

The Girls Guides Association has released the news of new badges reflecting the modern world.  The lessons to go with these new badges are vlogging, non-alcoholic mixology, mindfulness, how to be an entrepreneur and human rights.

Duck Boats to be risk assessed after accident

The severe storm warning and subsequent accident in Missouri where a duck boat sank has caused the safety of these boats to be questioned.  The high death toll and the loss of nearly half of one family brought intense sadness to all.

Inspirational Story


“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”


Mahatma Gandhi


Content- BBC News

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful Be Joyful Be Peaceful


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