SIWO Global News 22nd July 2018 #97

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Grass fires in London

A wide area of grassy park called the Wansted Flats has been on fire and the London Brigade are battling to keep it from spreading further.  The public has been advised not to leave glass bottles or broken pieces of glass because they can act like a magnifying glass.  More advice came from the Police too, so anyone planning a picnic should not use the areas of dried parched grass.  All picnic items must be cleared and babarcue must be put out.

July is Summer Events in London

Buckingham Palace opens its doors to the public for the viewing of the State Rooms,Royal Exhibitions, arts and artefacts.  The  Palace is the London Residence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and it is also a working Palace.  Tickets for Special Tours or Activities can be purchased from the official website.  The Garden Cafe and the Buckingham Palace Shop are pleasant places to finish off the day.

Proms for classical music, Lambeth Country Show for a variety of live shows including Roots Reggae.

Inspirational Story

Funny Quote About Friendship

Never Let

Your Best Friends

Get Lonely

Keep Disturbing Them



Content: BBC News. Cool Funny

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful, Be Joyful Be Peaceful





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