Fighting is not for childen

If you are among those who think
Fighting is for children,
I must assure you,
You are mistaken;
You get it wrong;
I used to think
Fighting was for children;
I no longer do;
Fighting is for both children and parents;
Children fight;
And parents fight;
Husbands and wives fight at home
Aduts fight on the streets;
Neighbous fight over boundaries;
Market neighbours fight;
Teachers fight in school,
In front of pupils and students;
Journalists fight in the newsroom;
Politicians fight in Parliament;
Soldiers fight in wars,
On hills and valleys;
Isn’t it a shame?
That we fight as we do?
With all our learning;
And all our laws,
We still fight as a way to resolve our problems?
Where will this take us?
Aren’t we destroying ourselves
And destroying our world?
We fight because we want to lead;
We fight because we want to grab;
We fight because we are greedy;
We fight and destroy
What is most precious to us: the world;
Our lives.


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