SIWO Global News 24th July 2018 #99

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Wildfires devastate coastal towns in Attica region causing deaths

Wildfires being fanned by high winds have caused devastation in coastal towns in Attica area and resorts near Athens.  60 people have died and many are homeless. Those who escaped, some with burns on their heads, arms and backs had to run into the sea as the fire followed them.  The Greek government have asked for help from the international community and European nations, so far France, Germany and Poland.  Planes and helicopters are in to fight the fire and boats have rescued over 700 from the beach and sea.

Pay Rise for Teachers, Prison Officers, Armed Services, Police, Doctors and Dentists.

It is the biggest pay rise in ten years now that the pay cap for the Public Sector has been scrapped.  The money is coming from the Government Departments not the Treasury, its going to be 3.5% for teachers, 2.9% for Armed Forces, 2.75% for Prison Officers and all the rest will benefit.

A Dam in Laos fractures sending a deluge of water upon six villages

Due to continuous rainstorm, a nearly completed dam in Laos fractured causing the flood that overwhelmed thousands in its path.  Six villages are still unaccounted for, in the meantime hundreds are feared dead or lost, and 6,600 are homeless.  The company building the dam have been doing it for the last five years and were looking forward to finishing it.

Inspirational Story


“There are no strangers here.  Only friends you haven’t met yet.”.


William Butler Yeats


Contents- BBC News.

Be Careful Be Joyful Be Peaceful


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