A woman of class

Have you met her?
She is an amazing woman;
A woman of class;
She will take you out of
Your comfort zone,
And set you on
The blazing
Path of success;
She is an accomplished coach;
A great author;
Whose book gives you 7 Steps
To break the barriers
On your way
And land your dream job;
Isn’t this something
To excite you?
If you are among those who
Work so hard, but do not
Have the desired success,
She is the person to meet;
She’ll help you
Go from dreaming to
Living your dream;
She has done this for many;
Will do so for many more
In the years ahead;
She’s a woman of quality;
A lady of substance;
And if you dont know her,
Let me give you her name:
Dr. Shelly Cameron.
Someone worth meeting;
I like the air of class
Around her.

Bravo, Dr. Shelly!


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