Blogger of the week- Between the Lines

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Cloud that shows love. emotions and springs,

Colorful butterflies with rainbow in its wings.

Sensitive by words, touch you deep in your heart,

All ears to people who wana talk,

share their fear and imagination all they have.

A dreamer, a psychologist, a believer, a warrior,

a survivor and now a writer, Claudia is bundle of love and care.

Believes in love, have complete faith in it,

Like me she thinks the world will change

Wants to reach hearts with every words she feels..

A psychologist by profession and since she has come across so many people with various emotions, she is able to share her thoughts and feelings and care in the form of beautiful words. Within her poetry are lot of feelings which we can imagine and understand like it is said read between the linesbetween the lines..



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a writer who writes what she feels from her heart... Dil ki baat kalam Tak..

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  1. Is True that your life Gravitate towards your most dominant thought If you are able to control your mind, you will have full control of your destiny and life ambitions.

    Many suicidal thoughts starts from silly insignificant thought and when given attention it grows to become a giant tree with deep root in your mind.

    Killer thoughts are not demons in you is you loosing firm control of your thought.

    Control your mind/thought with positive fresh thinking and be joyful at all times. Your mind will be free for successful ideals. Connect with the right people. Read positive literature, grow/train your mind with the right sources of good material and be full of great thoughts.

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