SIWO Global News 28th July 2018 #103

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Thunderstorms, lighting strikes and flash floods are causing chaos and disruptions to air and rail travel in the UK especially the South-East.  Many flights are cancelled at Stansted Airport, passengers have stuck on planes on the runway for ten hours before being told the flight is cancelled.  The misery didn’t end there because there was a further six hour wait at the Terminal with no information given.

Queues of cars are on the roads leading to the Eurotunnel and they have been there for six hours.  The problem is the heatwave has caused such disruption within the system, that the air-conditioning is not operating efficiently and a backlog of the service has developed.


The UK Government Select Committee has made a ruling about Fake News because they believe there was interference in the Brexit Referendum and the EU elections  The Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Committee looked at the harvesting of Facebook Data by firms like Cambridge Analytica and advertisers in order to send pop ups on to targeted Facebook accounts.  The Members of Parliament (MPs) would like to have access to who is behind the pop ups and have st up Online Campaigning Rules. This would include a Social Media Tax to fund the Regulation, a Media Literacy for children to be knowledgeable and aware of fake news.  They are also advocating for Bigger Watchdog Fines as the current £20,000 fine is not a big enough deterrent.


Winds are whipping up wildfires in the California hills with houses, property and vegetation burnt to cinders.  The charred landscape is unlike what was there few hours before.  Two firemen have lost their lives and and a number of people are reported missing.

Inspirational Story


“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have found it.”


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