As happy as I am

This is me, searching
For a thing;
Something that I know
Is there for me to find;
The key to success;
I know I will find it;
If others have found it,
Why shouldn’t I?
I shall continue to search;
Since it is there;
And can be found;
True, we don’t have
The same talents;
True, some people have
Better eyes to see;
True some people have
Better minds to understand;
And better, indeed,
They understand and faster;
But if you stay long enough,
You will also make it.
That is what I am trying
To do.
I am searching;
I will keep on my search
Till I find;
I will stay long enough;
For, I know, when I find,
I will be fine.
This is what makes me
So very happy;
As happy as I am.


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