SIWO Global News 29th July 2018 #103

Knowledge is Wealth

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“Intensive Fires Are Unprecedented” says Fire Chief of North California

The fires ravaging North California are 19 separate ones and 10,000 firemen are trying to bring this under control but are stretched to the limit.  It has been calculated that, there are over  130 fires burning between New Mexico and Canada.  The weather and human activity are cited as reasons for these fires.

Geraint Thomas wins Tour de France

The likeable young man from Wales has lifted the winner’s trophy, he crossed the finishing line at Champs Elysee in Paris with hundreds of fans lining the streets and cheering on.  He  has been in Team Sky for some years and deserves this win.

A Panorama programme to show the importance of a good quality of life and longevity

The poverty, poor diet and lack of opportunity for many in the UK is causing the divide between the rich and the poor to widen.   Health inequality, lack of jobs and negative life choices compound to make a low life expectancy a reality for many people in the north.

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Content- BBC News.

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful, Be Joyful. Be Peaceful



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