Have you ever asked yourself what could be good about life?

Hello SIWO, a new author here all the way from Douala – Cameroon – Africa lol. The name given to me by my parents is Marie Angele Abanga, MAA or AMA if you reverse the names lol. Yes, I have several nicknames like Ayo and don’t mind being called any sweet name anyone wants et darling hahaha. So that’s me below and em that was last week – pretty recent lol

MAA is one of my acronyms; am a free & simple spirit

You can probably tell from the picture that I find a lot of good about life these days and years…I really do…but that wasn’t always the case…hence my first post on this awesome blog with such a noble vision, can only be sort of a zooming reflective one with the goal of inspiring and motivating.

Musing on the go ah life

I used to ask myself what was good about this life…tbt I once tried to check out all together… But hmm no sensational stuff I promise…

So, I had a hyperactive childhood though some melancholy at home, my parents split when I was 12 didn’t make matters any better. I became surrogate mum to my siblings and lost touch of my life near completely. Fast forward to dashing into what I now boldly call a Sham and Shame of a marriage, I was one big miss. Living parallel lives for a very good chunk of that marriage before leaving so unceremoniously after 6 years, I mean what good could there be in this life I kept asking myself. To add more salt to my wounds (all natures), I couldn’t take my 3 sons with me and had no compass when I left.

The one word I knew to summarize my situation then was: you must have guessed right – HOPELESS!!!

And then slowly but steadily, the transformation began. Seven years later, I can proudly say I have come full circle. I tag it my 360° T and I can talk from dawn till dusk about what I find good about this life.

The one word I use to summarize my current: Aha you guess once more –HOPEFULL!!!

In English that caption on the t-shirt means I love life

I have discovered my life’s purpose, who I am, and finally have a very apt definition of myself. I live and love and laugh and cry to my best, and I share all these with gusto where and whenever…I guess this is what caught the eye of SIWO founder, and got me this wonderful invitation I couldn’t for the author in me turn down?

I already have a line up of about 15 posts to share with us all, but I am besties with Patience…such a wonderful friend I never knew existed. I took my time to publish a first post here, actually wrote this last thursday and scheduled same for today lol, and plan to be a weekly author here due to my numerous engagements which include working as a lawyer, a psychotherapist…add in being a single parent and crowned supermom, an author and… In short, be inspired and motivated all you gentle readers and followers of SIWO…

Have a great midweek, remember: “Tough Times never last but Tough people Do” (Robert Schuller)

P.s: Thanks in advance to all the readers, for the likes, and comments. I am honest to admit I sometimes muse on how I come across or fare especially with new ventures…this is one big one for me…

You could check out more about me by visiting my website, and reading a post or two on my blog!!!


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