Is there a Way out of this???


There is a general belief that if wrong doings taking place in the society are exposed widely, they have a deterrent effect. I wish and pray that it were so.

In reality though, the things are much different. The repeated exposures by the media of wrongs committed can at the most enhance the eye balls looking at the news channels. The degradation of the value systems in the society has gone down to such an extent; there is no shame of being exposed to wrong doings. Neither is there any fear of social disapproval…

In fact over exposure of crimes such as corruption, rape and murder in mass media such as TV and internet has just the opposite effect.

Since there is no deterrent even in form of immediate punishment by law enforcing agencies, those potential wrong doers who were so far hesitant, emerge out with over confidence to commit crimes…

Unfortunately, the present day society, in name of so called newly found freedom and liberty, is not in a mood to use self restrain. The moral and ethical values which could have encouraged self restraint have recently degraded to a great extent.

Society thus has to now look for alternatives or else it will sooner or later lead to disaster….


3 thoughts on “Is there a Way out of this???

  1. Well I think, there isn’t a way out this. While humanity is one side of the coin cruelty is on the other side so we have to accept the both but we do have a choice on which side we want ourselves

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