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The Supreme Court has agreed a ruling about end-of-life decisions for the withdrawal of food and drink from patients in a permanent vegetative state.  No longer is legal permission required if the medical team and the family are in agreement to do this.  Baroness Black gave details of the report, which had been compiled because of an appeal by the Solicitor General in his capacity of protecting such patients.    In following this ruling, there will be no violation under the Human Rights Convention,  no one will fall foul of any Act of Parliament.  The ruling took into account the advances in Medical Sciences and the Mental Capacity Act.

There are about 24,000 people who are in a Permanent Vegetative State.  Considering families, friends, and organisations are involved no one expects there to be a general agreement about this ruling because of religious, emotional and ethical opinions.  Others will see it as an opening to euthanasia.  The report stresses if there is non agreement or any doubt in the mind of any member of the family or medical staff then an application must be made to the Court of Protection

Dr Peter Saunders of ‘Care Not Killing’ is worried, that for financial and emotional reasons the right decisions might not be made in the patient’s best interest.  He feels the public should be well informed of this ruling.

Zimbabweans go to the vote without Mugabe’s name on any ballot paper

For the first time in the country’s history citizens of Zimbabwe do not have Robert Mugabe’s name on the ballot paper. On the 31st July 2018 they will be voting, democracy will be demonstrated.  Voters say they want bread and butter issues like jobs for the youth, food, shelter, clean drinking water and economic recovery.  Preparations have gone off peacefully.

Northern Rail re-instates 75% of the cancelled train services

Rail passengers using the Northern Rail have had changes made to their travel because of various new timetables as well as cancelling of services.  It has cost such unhappiness and disruption of their lives, work, and business.  Now 75% of the cancelled services are going to be put back.   The financial cost of the disruption to businesses has been estimated at £37 million.


Content-BBC News

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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