United We Should Stand

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I’m looking forward to attending a fifty-year high school class reunion soon. Together we will gather, once again, from different walks of life. We began as one student body at a tender age and played hard, but eventually, we spread our wings and flew away to a new life. But beyond the aforementioned, my thoughts look forward to the gathering of this event for united we should stand. Thank God for these memorable moments! Our heritage draws us together, forming deep inside, love and pride we can rest on our shoulders.

My thoughts now divert… what if our political force reigned with the same enthusiasm? Imagine the vitality of men and women working together instead of belligerence. There would be hugs and handshakes, greeting each other with smiles, and unspoken morals of honesty. Instead, we’re plagued with lies and deceit. It’s the game of who we can manipulate and bribe, slithering their way through the ivory halls, versus honoring and supporting our fellow classmates. Drawing a comparison, I look at our class reunion’s coordinators and the excellent job they do to reunite us after fifty years. Somehow, this country’s professional politico can’t unite on any given week.

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What are we teaching, in the aftermath, to our future generations? That this progressiveness of dirty and mischievous ways is the avenue to the future? Shouldn’t it be a legacy of integrity where decades later we still honor our brethren? United we should stand! Across our great land, many citizens strive to plant morals and maturity, just as our parents preceding us. Yet, we must maintain our stance and observe bumbling legislation integrating a less-behaving culture of standards. I’m convinced the leaders of our land couldn’t organize a class reunion without trying to dictate their immoral values on every God-fearing student.

I’m grateful and happy I grew up in an era knowing the ethics of right from wrong. Though we struggle at times, we must realize that’s God working behind the scenes to strengthen us. Let us appreciate our memorable moments of innocence and stand in unity, holding hands, for in God we trust we will never stray from our point of center.

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