Failure may be the best thing that happens to you

What are you talking
What are you saying about
Are you saying
Is a bad thing?
Who ever told you
Was a bad thing?
Why should
Be a bad thing?
I know
Yes, you may think
Is a bad thing;
But I say
Is not a bad thing;
Anyway, if you make
A bad thing;
It will be
A bad thing.
To those who take it
To be
A bad thing,
It is a bad thing.
What we can say is,
Failure can be
A good thing
And a it can be
A bad thing;
At times,
Is the best thing
That happens to someone;
It closes a door
That opens to hell,
And opens a door
That leads to heaven.
That is you fail
In one thing,
And for that reason,
Succeed in
Another that is bigger.
That is failure.



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