SIWO Global News 2nd August 2018 #107

Knowledge is Wealth

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Personal Independent Payments

In Scotland a new Legislation makes it possible for the applicant to receive the Personal Independent Payment once the doctor signs that the patient is terminally ill.  In the rest of UK, only people with 6 months  or less to live are fast-tracked to get their payments.  Campaigners want the legislation to be rolled out across all of the UK.

Bank of England Raises Interest Rate

For a long time the UK Interest Rate had been kept at 0.05% or lower.  It has now risen to 0.75% and the reason is the economy is steady and preparations have to be made for Brexit.  Savers hope they will benefit as their savings have not benefited for a good while.

Army shots at protesters in Zimbzbwe Elections

The supporters of the MDC marched to protest at the delay in announcing the election results.  The Army and Police shot at the people protesting.  Reports of four people shot, others beaten up brought calls for calm.

Inspirational Story



Content-  BBC News

SIWO REporter: Susanna Dziwoshie

Be Careful   Be Joyful  Be Peaceful


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