SIWO Global News 5th August 2018 #110

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Venezuelan President Escapes Drone Attack

President Maduro of Venezuela, while giving a speech was targeted yesterday in a drone attack but he wasn’t hurt.  Unfortunately seven soldiers were injured where the military parade was taking place to celebrate the 81st anniversary of the national army.  The President blames the right -wing group in Colombia, America has released a statement, that it is not involved in the attack.

Irish Team Qualifies For Hockey Women’s World Cup 2018 Finals and is out by 6-0

The Green Army enthralled fans with their determination and winning ways to get to the finals.  Netherlands the ex-champions are their opponents in the finals.  This game was dominated by the Netherlands who scored very quickly and won by 6 goals to nil and it was their eighth win.

Indonesia suffered an earthquake resulted in 22 people killed

On the island of Lombok in Indonesia a strong earthquake of 7 magnitude damaged buildings, triggered power cuts and was felt in Bali.  Emergency services treated over 50 injured people.  A tsunami warning was given but later called off, evacuation of affected areas has taken place.

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SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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