As day breaks, I meander my way through the carved paths few traveled along the mountainsides. Thousand of years ago, God arrived and planted trees to hold the hillside, and His flowers bloomed adding to the beauty of nature. A river bends through the swaying trees where barren life once existed on earth. Valleys burned from heaven’s thunder as God cleared the land to rebuild the forest. Life is so unrehearsed.

Life changes in an instant when God bestows gifts upon the unsuspecting. We start to live as God so ordered. Like a burning bush growing sprouts from the leftover ashes, we too do much the same by picking up the pieces of a life we never had and beginning again.

If we research the Bible, we quickly find Christ’s path was unrehearsed too. I cannot conceive the astonishment of being the chosen one, sent by God, to start a new religion in a new world. Jesus lived day to day on prayer and faith. Planned by His Father in heaven, few could have endured His journey. But Jesus saved us by teaching us to follow His unrehearsed way of life. The Sermon on the Mount clearly describes the Beatitudes He preached to the disciples (Book of Luke).

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Today, we try to do our best to walk in the shadow of our Savior, living our lives in an unrehearsed manner. Two thousand years later, the sun still shines and the seasons’ surrender. Our tomorrows are impromptu, and no one can predict the future of God’s direction for us.

The world will shine as it wants, and our faith in His light will allow life to prosper once again for us. Staying in prayer is the only antidote to the spontaneous plans of God. Disappointments reign when the thunder ignites the mountains, but life goes on….unrehearsed.


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