If I address women in this post then I am addressing them without any prejudices in my mind, without having notion that there is the question of superiority or inferiority, without even knowing that there is any difference ,I am just addressing them as women and this word makes complete sense in itself.

I have been trying to get the best possible explanation of one’s inability to act in some of the worst and complicated situations. I am not even ready to get the answer of this question as it has immense possibility to reveal all the happening around us. But still I want the answer not only of this question but all the questions that are stuck in my head and which keeps on popping out every time something bad happens. How bad can it be, can be imagined by putting ourselves in the place of that child who was being gang raped then only we can answer some questions.

She was just requesting to the world her future with full of stars and she wanted to live life in her own way or she was even in no need of thinking for future.

What compelled her to be in a situation where she think of a world with no hope to involve with? What made her desires, that she wanted to achieve,her own enemy?what is the reason she does not want to be part of her own body?

I can have answers but they are not as equiped as they can be if answered by that girl herself.

She travelled a journey with no companion of her wish but some strange people, who were in persuit of their desire. There was no wrong in persuing what they needed but the only difference was that the girl has no such desires. She was completely unaware of her journey as she was so little that she even thought of her journey as evil dream, which for her became new reality. She may be unaware of the act that her wet eyes are wondering to know. But it was her fault to be in the hands of some people who lost even the value of being human in this beautiful world.

It was her fault,

She tried to say them,

She tried to stop them,

She tried to awake them,

She tried hard and strong,

It was her fault.

She hoped for some saviour,

She hoped for a different human,

She hoped for even god,

It was her fault.

She accepted lost hope,

She accepted emptyness,

She accepted that darkness,

She accepted the weakness,

She even stopped resisting,

It was her fault.

She resisted strongly,

She hoped for human,

She thought of good souls,

It was her fault.

She stopped feeling her body,

She stopped being alive,

She escaped from that journey,

She escaped from that dream,

She is free now,

It was her fault

It was her fault.

It is time we stop this menace to repeat itself. It is time we stop thinking women as a commodity. It is time we the people of world start being human not for men but also for the women and child. It is time that people start feeling the women as the other half of their existence not merely another gender.

They are not commodity to be used, they are the companion to be experienced to live peacefully and happily. They are not body to be exploited but they are the beauty to be cherished. They are not the fish to be catched but they want to swim freely.

They don’t need our empathy or affection,they only need our unprejudiced eye to be trustworthy of a mutual peaceful existence.

Thank you



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  1. I cannot understand most of what is written here. Can anyone translate/digest this letter?

    I gather that it is a protest against the rape of a girl and an appeal to change the mindset that accompanied it. Beyond that, it is a mystery.

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  2. It is about the thoughts that might came in the mind of the girl during that heinous crime.
    You got the context right but I am very sorry for the part that you are not getting sir. I will try to improve my expression in my next post.


    • Thank you. I missed the part about what the girl was thinking. No apology needed.

      I only speak English. I can’t imagine trying to be so expressive in another language.

      To know that these were her thoughts, I would expect that part to be in first person: I, me, my rather than third person: she, her. Example: “It is my fault, I will survive this, I stopped feeling, etc.” Does that help?

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