Rich from trash Or Broke from glass ?

Hello Everyone.

I hope we`re all having a green day. Today I will like to talk about the positive and negative effects of home waste management on us humans, on our environment and for the future generations. Before I begin I would like to ask, do you prefer to be rich or poor? Ok that sounded like a rhetorical question, I know that. Want to know why it sounded like one? Because it is a rhetorical question. Nobody in the world fancies poverty in neither of its ugly and dangerous forms but to twist things a little bit, we should take note that as far as protecting our environment is concerned, there is a thin line between being rich and being broke from managing dirt. Funny as it seems let`s get right into it.

How can one be rich from trash? Most of us have come across the slogan, TRASH FOR CASH. There are a lot of ways we can make money just by separating biodegradable from non biodegradable wastes. Glass bottles are usually on a high demand by some recycling companies around you. These people actually buy these bottles. They buy what you consider dirt. Imagine someone complaining of poverty when something like this exists..people buy what you throw away. We can give new value to these non biodegradable products as well, like fun artwork for kids, storing water, storing seeds, or even as shower for plants. Yes it`s easy as making holes on the cock of the bottle and with water in it, you can water plants. Biodegradable waste from your kitchen can serve as manure for your farm, and instead of spending a lot of money buying fertilizers, why don`t you use your own dirt? All these activities save money and by default put money in your pocket whether you like it or not.

When we don`t manage our dirt from our homes well enough, we become Broke. Actually, we become broke from glass. Glass and plastics are very harmful to the health of the soil. These non biodegradables pollute the soil and we in effect, spend more time and money trying to ensure that our crops do well whereas we are the cause of their poor growing patterns.

We can be rich from trash or broke from glass. The choice is ours but we should always keep in mind that we have the duty to protect the environment which includes the soil, water and air. While making money, from trash, remember we`re making money with a purpose and that`s all that counts.



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  1. I’ve haven’t sold any glass since my youth when it was all the rage to collect soda bottles and sell them for pocket money. I must admit I felt pretty rich hearing those coins jingle in my pocketbook. Today, I decorate with some of the bottles I buy, do use to store soups and cooked veg, etc. I always consider what I could use my empty glass jars for before letting them go. Interesting post & food for thought. Thanks for sharing!!!


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