Awesome woman

img_20180726_0812111712240667.jpgShe is awesome;
A mental health specialist;
She inspires and motivates individuals
To triumph over mental health problems
And triumph in life;
An amazing woman
With an amazing story
Captured and immortalized in five books.
A visionary;
And focused;
What a joy to have this wonderful woman
Marie Angel Abanga
As an author with us at SIWO!
We warmly welcome Marie to the SIWO team.

Seriously Ama BW

2013 – my turning point on the horizon, journey took three years after this


3 thoughts on “Awesome woman

  1. Oh my, I didn’t see this coming. Just came over to SIWO this morning for a sort of daily ‘cup of tea’ before starting another hype day. Thank you so much, but above all thank you for inviting me to join such a wonderful community of authors and bloggers dearest Romanus. I believe I am just as amazing as each and everyone here, especially You.

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