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Iran Sanctions re-imposed by President Trump

The case of The US President pulling out of the Iran Deal has resulted in more words of anger between the two leaders.  Hassan Rouhani is declaring, that Trump will ‘regret the psychological warfare.’   Trump warns countries helping to break the embargo, as they will not be allowed to do business with the US.  From effect aluminium, gold, US Dollars and Iran Rial cannot be traded.  In 3 months time more sanctions will affect Iran, like Insurance, shipping, and oil.  Civil domestic protests are going on in Iran and this favours Trump’s plan.  The EU wants to continue the channels of trade, for example, in petrochemicals, and keep lines of investment open.

Indonesian rescuers celebrates pulling out a woman 2 days after earthquake

Neighbours heard a woman calling for help and rescuers came to find the woman alive in the ruins.  An inspiring video has received many views and positive feedback, it was good to see an act of faith in these circumstances.  An Iman continued to pray when the tremors started, some of the congregation were seen running out of the mosque.  Afterwards, when he was asked why he stayed to pray, he told them, “his fate was in God’s hands.”  Tourists reported not being rescued for 2 days and were stuck on the beach for 12 hours after the quake.  The British Foreign Office advises against all but essential travelling to the Gill Islands and for British citizens to get in touch with them and with relatives by mobile phone.  Due to the 6.9 magnitude quake, 100 people have been killed,  2,000 tourists rescued from Lombok, 2,700 from the Gill Islands, 20,000 locals are homeless.

UK slowing of life expectancy- Office of National Statistics

In a study of 20 countries, UK is going through a slowing of life expectancy with women more affected than men.  Up until 2011 the life expectancy was rising but now it is going the way of the US.  There seem to be a surprise at this shift, despite advances in the Medical Sciences, Doctors treating infections like sepsis successfully and less people dying from cardiac problems.  Some criticism has come about the findings and that the negative results may be due to the UK’s ongoing austerity measures, cuts in Social Care budgets.  There may be calls for looking at the results and comparing them to the increase of Dementia and Obesity to see if there is any relation by a Select Committee of MPs.


Content- BBC News

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

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