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Hey my Beautiful people! This is my first issue of Women InFocus and I am so excited to introduce you guys to my first beauty in this campaign so dear to my heart.
Therefore, let me introduce you to the lovely and talented Lashaun Maynard! Yes, she hails from the Caribbean but she is a born American so she definitely has a lot of flair lol.
IMG-20180228-WA0005Beautiful women don’t frown
She so happens to be my oldest friend and we attended school from pre-school to high school together. Lashaun was my date to my high school prom! Yo, that is intense so you guys have to believe me when I say that she is one of the most beautiful women I know. But she also lacks self esteem (rolling my eyes) and I don’t know why.
DSCN0079-2.jpgLoving my lips
So charity begins at home. I would be remiss if I knew my friend who is like a sister could do with some motivation to lift her spirits and I didn’t spearhead the whole party. So y’all my people’s and I’d return the favor if asked (or if you just point a beautiful female in my direction….or vice versa). Please help me in showing my girl some love as she pours out her gifts to y’all.
Just some background on Lashaun, or Shawnee as she likes to be called. She is:
IMG_20180607_060450The beauty is all in the details!
  • a single mom to a beautiful baby boy
  • lives in the Orlando area
  • does her own hair and makeup
  • and if you have not guessed it by now from the pics, she is an aspiring Makeup Artist
Check out our ‘sit down’ below:
JW: How did you become obsessed with makeup?
LM: I always love makeup from seeing my mom applying it as a child. Then when I got to college and discovered YouTube, it was a complete game changer for me.
JW: Tell our readers what you love most about makeup?
LM: How it enhances my beauty not covering it up.
JW: Ok, so you know I don’t know makeup. Name your favorite beauty product brand and sell it to the readers and I.
LM: My favorite beauty product has to be Becca Matte & Pore less Primer. If you are a person with a combination of oily skin it works great to control the oil, especially in the hot summer months. It’s pricey but well worth the purchase. Primer helps the longevity of your makeup. And you want all that hard work beating your face to stay on until you are ready to take it off. On an average day my make is usually on from 6:00am to 7:00pm and remains intact.
JW: What are some common beauty mistakes women make?
LM: Overly highlight brows, going 2-3 shades lighter in their complexion shade, and being too heavy handed. Less is always more!
JW: How do you prepare dry and oily skin for application of foundation?
LM: Dry skin requires a great moisturizer, and color correcting depending on skin tone. On the other hand  oily skin needs a matte primer so as to control the oil. And like dry skin, don’t forget the moisturizer which many people often misconstrue. However, it is an absolute necessity in order to maintain a smooth canvas to paint. 
JW: What is the one beauty product you absolutely can’t work without?
LM: Mac FIX Plus. It instantly takes away the powdery appearance when you first apply your makeup
JW: How do I contour my face?
LM: To contour your face find a foundation that is 1 to 2 shades darker than your skin tone and blend this into the hollow of your jaw. Make a fish face to find the hollow easier. Put some translucent powder under the contour so it stands out stronger, thus giving the illusion of higher cheek bones. That’s why I love makeup. It creates beautiful illusions. Beware, a heavily contoured nose can make you look as if you had plastic surgery.
Check the cheekbones and the contour created
It should blend like this
JW: What’s your favorite makeup brush? How often do you clean your makeup tools? How is wear and tear affected?
LM: My favorite has to be a new one I recently picked up. It’s the Instapop brush by Real Techniques. Great for blending out my contour. I try to deep clean brushes every month because I don’t wear makeup everyday. However, many of my brushes do have wear and tear because I need to invest in a proper brush cleaner. And I also have some college days brushes still pushing lol.  
JW: I have 5 mins to do my makeup – what can I do that would make the greatest impact?
LM:  Your eyebrows!! These frame your face. If your brows aren’t done, your face is not on fleek. Also, remember they are twins, not identical. A quick fill in of your brows with a soft brow powder or pencil makes such a difference. Some skin tone lip gloss and mascara and you are good to go. For beautiful skin remember to use a moisturizer daily to keep your skin hydrated.
JW: Do you have an inspiring quote?
LM:  My favorite quote is “You forget the pain when you see the payoff!”
JW: If we were sitting here a year from now, celebrating about what a great year it has been for you, what have you accomplished?
LM:  Becoming a professional MUA on the road to having my own business and helping other women as well to fulfill their dreams!
JW: Your favorite musician?
LM: It depends on my mood. If I’m in an upbeat mood I listen to Spice and Masicka. If I’m under the weather it’s gonna be Celine Dion and Brian McKnight.
JW:  And your final question is: What is your definition of beautiful?
LM: My definition of beautiful is accepting the skin you are in. Every flaw, roll, stretch-mark, pimple. Just loving you unapologetically. A feeling that I’m desperately seeking to have and have decided to pursue with everything in me!
JW: So Shawnee as we bring this sit down to a close, is there anything else you want the readers to know about you?
LM: I hail from the beautiful Caribbean nation, St.Kitts and Nevis. I left my home of comfort at the tender age of 17 and came to America. Land of Dreams! Well it’s been over ten years and none of my real dreams has been realized. And for me that is what true happiness encompasses. Getting up everyday and doing something that I love. Not just for money but for the pure love of it and that’s entering the beauty industry as  a MUA. Making woman feel beautiful from the inside out. Enhancing their beauty never covering it up! With that being said, I am inviting you guys to show some support (I’d truly appreciate it). I am not on FB currently but you can subscribe to my videos and tutorials by visiting my YouTube channel. You can also follow me on Instagram: 4everlovingbeauty247.
Thank you!

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  1. Hey really enjoyed this ! You are so right about defining beauty it’s all about embracing our natural beauty what we were born with and just adding Makeup to enhance certain features, I always say to my supporters on YouTube Makeup shouldn’t be the thing that makes you feel pretty you should feel beautiful in your own skin and love yourself for you and all of your beautiful flaws!! I am going to subscribe to your channel glad I found you my channel name is @NicoleKristine if ya ever want to check it out I’m also very much of a love for Makeup. Thanks for sharing💕💋 XOXO MUAH 💋 NICOLEKRISTINE

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