Wildlife should be Wild for Life

Hello everyone.

Today I will be talking about how important the presence of wild animals in our environment is to us. Wild animals in this case, are those which are at risk of being extinct simply because people want to make money. I know I`ve said before that everybody wants to be rich and we should all do what it takes to get there but what we don`t understand is , it`s better to be rich together than to be rich  alone. Imagine you having millions of dollars but nobody to enjoy this money with? All the drinks in the world will never bring you the happiness you would’ve had and truly deserve if you actually had people to enjoy this money with. Ok someone may think, where am I getting at? Like what does all this have to do with wild animals and our environment?

Wildlife should be wild for life.

This is where I`m getting at people. We all know killing elephants for its ivory is a thing. But then what happens when you kill all the elephants in the world?  Our African countries have little or nothing to boast about to the rest of the world. No offense , but it`s just how it was meant to be. These wild animals are what make us, Africa. When these wild animals go extinct, that`s already one less reason why anybody will leave from elsewhere and want to come to a shithole country. Tourism has been on the decline in most African countries as the years go by because poaching is still on the rise and has to be addressed. The tourism ministry is a major source of income into our African countries and this increases the overall Gross Domestic Product. Now you see where I was getting at? About being rich alone and being rich as a group? I`m just trying to bring a whole new perspective to this idea of killing animals for personal interests whereas we can keep them and give reason for people to appreciate Africa.

We should protect our environment, protect biodiversity and protect our identity.  Wildlife should be wild for life>



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