SIWO Global News 10th August 2018 #115

Knowledge is Wealth

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Sports Direct buys House of Fraser From Administrators

Mike Ashley the boss of Sports Direct has bought House of Fraser. the Department Stores Company for £90 million.   It still needs £40 million to cover money due to the suppliers.  A few weeks ago House of Fraser had planned to shut down about 30 stores in order to balance its finances, a loss of 6,000 jobs was anticipated.  Early today the new owner was announced and a sigh of relief was breathed in many quarters, that a leading Department Store in the High Street and 17000 jobs  has been saved.

Floods In Southern France ruin holidays for campers

A heavy rainfall on the parched land of Southern France caused rivers to burst their banks and flooding campsites, towns and villages.  Everything happened so fast lots of people including children got stranded and had to be rescued.  A 70 year-old German man who was helping some children was swept away in a caravan.  The Army and some helicopters were used in the rescue.  People were found clinging to trees, they were cold, bewildered suffering from shock and hypothermia.

UK Economy Risen by 0.4%

In the 3 months to June, there was a robust growth of 0.4% in the economy.  The World Cup, the Royal Wedding and the warm summer contributed to more purchases being made.  There was an increase in the Services and Construction sectors, the Manufacturing sector showed a recession.

Inspirational Story


Be Somebody

NoBody Thought

You Could Be.



Content- BBC News       HPLYRIKz.COM

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful  Be Joyful   Be Peaceful



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