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World War I Ended With The Armistice – Battle of Amiens

2,500 relatives and officials gathered inside the Cathedral of Amiens while a 1,000 more were outside for the commemoration of the fiercest fight of the First World War.  The British, French, Commonwealth Forces and American countries are taking part.  Led by the British the event has the British Prime Minister, The Mayor and Bishop of Amiens, and The French Minister of the Armed Forces.  They were the VIPs who welcomed Prince William to the Remembrance Event.

Boris Johnson Likens Muslim Women Wearing Burkas To “Letter Boxes”

Boris Johnson in an article said, Muslim women wearing burkas “looked like letter boxes” and he compared them to “bank robbers” too.  His comments has resulted in calls from many public figures, Muslim and non-Muslim citizens, Tory and Labour MPs for him to apologise, to which he hasn’t.   Some have even said he needs to resign from the Conservative Party.  He does have his supporters who say he should be free to express his views and these views appear popular with some of the population.  Protests against these racist rhetoric and the former Foreign Secretary’s views are causing an environment of discomfort.  Others think this will boost Boris’ political career.

Breakthrough For Women In US November Mid-Term Elections

Nominations for women has increased tremendously in the US mid-term elections.  More women will contest the US governorship and Senate seats after Tuesday’s primaries in four states.  Activists have been seeing success in their work to get more women in politics, 11 female nominees will go governor and 185 for the seats in the house of Representatives.   The four states are Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington and one of the seats is Ohio.


Inspirational Story


“The Price Of Greatness Is Responsibility”


Sir Winston Churchill



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