SIWO Global News 9th August 2018 #114

Knowledge is Wealth

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General Practitioner’s GP Appointment

NHS England- 1 in 4 GP Appointments Avoidable

A Survey reports that 1 in 4 GP appointments are for minor reasons therefore potentially avoidable.  When these are removed from the GP’s daily tasks it will be 27% of appointments and it blocks more serious ailments being treated,  waiting time will also be reduced.  The GP would like the public to make more use the local pharmacies for such minor health queries.

Kheris Rogers Was Bullied For Her Dark Skin, Motivate She Created A Fashion Line

At school she was called names and attacked about her dark skin colour.  After her Mum sussed out what was happened she got lots of advice from her Mum and Grandmother.  Her Mum went to the school to get them to sort out the children’s attitude.  Kheris left that school and her Grandmother came up with the idea of making T-shirts to celebrate her beautiful colour.  Now 11 year-old CEO of ‘FLEXIN’ IN MY COMPLEXION’ was the youngest designer at New York Fashion Week.  She sells clothes and T-shirts with a message, and wants to be a Supermodel and own her own store one day.  Her advice to children who are bullied is to look themselves in the mirror and say positive words like, “I am smart, confident and enterprising.”  This she reckoned helped her overcome the negatives words to become a role model for others.

Inspirational Story


“I Will Persist Till I Succeed”


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SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be careful   Be Joyful  Be Peaceful


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