7 billion people, 1 planet; Consume with care

Hello everyone.

Today , I will be highlighting the different methods in which we can consume our resources, in such a way which will be beneficial to us, our planet and to the needs of generations to come.7 BILLION PEOPLE, 1 PLANET; CONSUME WITH CARE.  This was the theme of the world environmental day in 2015 which led to an outbreak on twitter on the subject in more than 20 countries, and more than 500 videos on the environment were posted on youtube. This theme basically highlights the dangers of malconsumption of resources given that we have just one planet to live on and when things go wrong, we can`t move to another planet for refuge. Consume with care. There are a lot of ways to consume resources carefully that many people are unaware of and failure to do so is very costly on the environment.

Changing our lightbulbs to fluorescent lightbulbs goes a long way to save energy.

Using bicycles instead of potential air pollutant sources like vehicles or motorbikes.

Efficient waste management techniques at home and in our community.

Engaging in tree planting activitites and regulations on deforestation.

Stop dumping of waste in water bodies and eradicate the burning of waste.


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